All Together Now

A recent Plinky prompt was: Describe what your family dinners are like. What discussion topics usually come up? Who does most of the talking?

Here is my response:

Talking? We are supposed to talk at dinner?

I’m eating my vegan fare sitting at the kitchen counter while hubby eats his carnivore dish, standing over the sink.

We are in sight of each other. Does that count as “together”? (I know the question mark is supposed to go inside the quotes, but today I just want it outside the quotes.)

Postaweek2011 All Together Now


The Vild Vild Vest

A recent Plinky prompt was: If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called?

Here’s my Plinky post:

When I decided to learn to sew, I thought I’d make my own vests and wear a vest on every Friday. I even chose a name for my vest collection:

The Vild Vild Vest. (Or maybe The Vilde Vilde Vest.)

hahahaha. Well, it was funny at the time. I now have about 9 vest patterns, yards and yards of fabric and dozens of spools of threads. I’d use a photo of one of my vests for this post, but I have yet to make one.

Postaweek2011 The Vild Vild Vest

Would Have Started Sooner

The Plinky prompt for July 25, 2011: Are there any skills you’ve picked up in the last year? Yes, indeed. This is the one new skill of mine that stands out:

I have learned something new! Isn’t it exciting?! I learned to follow verbal instructions.

Sure, sure, you thought I should have known how to do that by now, and you’re right. I should have been able to do that a long time ago.

But now is good, right?

I learned to follow instructions in a watercolor class. Not a class at a school, but an informal class taught by a friend’s sister. I came out of that class with a completed watercolor painting of a sunflower in a vase. I took it right to the local craft store and got it framed that day. Talk about (almost) instant gratification!

watercolor painting of sunflowers in a terracotta vase
Sunflower watercolor

Here’s what I learned: When the instructor said to pick up Brush A, I picked up Brush A. When she said, dip it in Color B, I dipped it in color B. I used Stroke C when she said to. Repeat with subsequent instructions for other brushes, colors and strokes. Not quite like Simon says, but pretty close. (And the instructor’s name wasn’t Simon.)

I did what she said and here’s the watercolor that I painted, in my very first ever watercolor class. If I had known that following instructions was so rewarding, I would have started sooner.


Danger Deprived

The Plinky prompt for Thursday 02 June 2011: Share the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done for fun.

Well, this is depressing. I can’t think of anything dangerous that I’ve done for fun.

Does jaywalking count? No, it doesn’t. How about drinking straight from the milk carton? No, no, no. Cutting the tags off of pillows? Yikes! Is that the best I can do?

Yes, it is.

I’m danger-deprived. That’s probably a good way for me to go.