December 2011 Movies

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Oh, that poor little pony.



That’s So Annoying

“That’s so annoying,” I said to myself as I was sitting in the movie theater during the previews. I could hear some music, very low volume and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. I thought maybe it was coming from the woman sitting in front of me, as she had been checking something on her cell phone just a minute earlier. I think I heard a Rod Stewart song.

“That’s so annoying,” I thought again, as I heard that very low volume music again. This was after the movie had started and was at a quiet point in the story, no music and no conversation. The music wasn’t coming from the woman in front of me; her phone was put away and had been before the movie started. I thought that maybe the music was coming from the movie in the next theater. Why didn’t they build these theaters with better sound insulation? Ronnie Milsap was singing now.

“That’s so annoying,” I repeated to myself yet again, somewhere in the middle of the movie. Didn’t they turn off the intermission music? I kept looking over to the stairs, wondering if that’s where the speakers were. The music was so low volume, I couldn’t really locate its source. Gene Pitney was crooning.

I couldn’t hear the music most of the time, as the movie music, conversation and action overrode it. But really, it was quite distracting when I could hear it.

Finally, the movie was over and I got in my car to leave. “That’s so …. annoying?” The music had followed me. I looked over into the passenger seat, at my purse. I took out my phone.

It was me, all along.

I had taken out my phone on my walk through the parking lot to the movie and turned my phone to silent. Somehow, and I really, really, really don’t know how, I activated one of the music programs without knowing it. I sat through the whole movie, hearing this low volume music and never once did it occur to me to check my own phone because I just knew I had turned off my phone properly, before I even entered the building.

That’s so … stupid.