My retirement plan

I noticed that the land near the toll road on-ramp in Creedmoor is for sale. It’s currently a hay field (already harvested). I wonder what a buyer might envision putting there.

It’s too far away from Austin for yet another condo building or bank. But it’s only two blocks away from beautiful downtown Creedmoor (and yes, we do have a traffic light). Maybe it will be a breakfast taco place.

Just a note for anyone considering opening up a food establishment: If you serve breakfast, you must serve breakfast tacos or you can just forget having any repeat customers. We love breakfast tacos.

I once saw a sign at a Mediterranean restaurant in Austin: “Now serving breakfast tacos.” They figured it out; whatever kind of food you serve for breakfast, wrap some kind of flatbread around it and call it a breakfast taco. Otherwise people in these here parts won’t bother coming back.

That was my retirement plan for a while, back when the toll road was just a set of squiggly lines on a piece of paper. Two of the alternate routes came through our property. Not the house, just the property, meaning that if one of those alternate routes was chosen, we’d be living a lot closer to the toll road than we are.

I wasn’t very happy with that idea, but I tried to look on the bright side. Directions to our house would have been much easier, something like: Exit in Creedmoor, turn right off of the exit ramp and onto our driveway. Now that’s simple. As it is, most people get lost unless they come out here regularly, regarless of the detailed directions we provide.

If the toll road really did come through our property, I thought, maybe I could retire and open up a breakfast taco trailer. I’d shuffle over to the trailer, just a few yards from my back door, wearing my pink quilted polyester robe, slippers and curlers. (Some customers might take fright seeing me like that, but they’d have to pay for their own therapy.) I’d fire up that grill and start scrambling those eggs with the best of ’em.

I mean, breakfast tacos with 2, 3, or 4 ingredients, homemade salsa (Bruce makes great salsa) and coffee. How hard can it be? I’d close up shop when I ran out of food for the day, then shuffle back to the house for my nap.

But a different toll road route was chosen, and there went my retirement plan. No breakfast tacos, no naps. My new retirement plan is to win the lotto. Not much chance of that happening either, since I rarely buy tickets. Until then, I’m still getting up every day and driving into Austin (without my robe, slippers and curlers but with my very own set of tailgaters). Fine.


Free Toll Road, Part 2

I received my TxTag statement for June.  I used the new section of SH 45 between IH 35 and Creedmoor 55 times; it was still free for TxTag vehicles in June. 

I miss those 4 lanes, yes I do. 

Anyway, just how much does it cost for me to drive those 5 miles on the toll road from Creedmoor to IH 35?  It’s $1.33 each time and that would have been $73.15 for 275 miles.

Oh dear.  Do you know how much fabric I could have bought with that $73.15?  You’re right, $73.15 worth of fabric.  Well, I didn’t spend it on the toll road and I didn’t spend it on fabric, either.  Gasoline is expensive enough to take up more of my earnings than I want it to, so that’s where the money went.  And that’s why I won’t be using the toll road for normal use.  Too expensive.

Free Toll Road

On Tuesday, 30 June 2009, the newest section of the toll road, SH 45 between US 183 and IH 35, will no longer be free.  Each time they open a new section, it is free to all drivers for one month and then free to vehicles with tags for another month.

I’m going to miss it.  Its 4 lanes, to be specific.  It’s too expensive for me to drive every day, so I’ll be back on the farm-to-market road on Wednesday.  Me and all my friends behind me on a 2 lane road.