Pink Piano

Pink Piano at Republic Park
Pink Piano

Here is the Pink Piano. It’s part of the Austin Art Alliance Play Me I Am Yours program. There were several pianos situated around Austin, all outdoors, for anyone to play anytime. The Pink Piano was at Wooldridge Square.



A Happening Place

The SECC, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, in Glasgow, Scotland seems to be a happening place. Lots of venues are coming and going there. Just to name a few:

March 22: The Four Tops and The Temptations

June 08: Willie Nelson £35 – £40

June 12: Kenny Rogers £32.50 – £37.50

Nov 17: A-HA. It’s their farewell tour, after performing together for 25 years. (Really?)

Just down the road in Glasgow at The Tron, you can catch The Mildly Terrible Revenge of the Slightly Evil Brainwashing Puppets. If you hurry, that is. That show is Sunday, March 14. It’s only £7.00.

Sorry to say that it’s too late to buy tickets for Rhod Gilbert and The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst on March 24th, as that show is sold out.

Oh, wait.  Star Wars In Concert on March 13th at the SECC?!  I just missed it!  I’ll have to wait to see it when it comes to Austin, in June. That is plenty of time for me to charge up my lightsaber.


Back to finding an old song. I had searched on the Internet for Sunny and the Sunliners several years ago. I don’t know how I missed it, or if the information wasn’t there then, but there is plenty of information about the band — and Sunny — on the Internet now.

Turns out Sunny Ozuna is still performing. He won a Grammy in 2000. That’s a long music career!

I found his web site and I checked out the FAQ. There are three questions listed.

(1) Where can I find Sunny?
(2) How do I book Sunny for my event?
(3) Is Sunny married?

The answers, however, are not listed. So, for this web site, FAQ really does mean Frequently Asked Questions, not Frequently Answered Questions. At least, not answered on the web site. Good to know.

Not lost, but found

I found it! A favorite song, from my youth. I was about 10 and there was a diner just down the street from our house in El Paso. It had a jukebox and my brother and I got to play a few songs while waiting for the food to arrive. My mother always wanted to hear this song; it was a favorite of hers and I remember it fondly.

Cariño Nuevo by Sunny and the Sunliners.

Several years ago I started looking for it. I thought I’d never find it, it was so old. I didn’t even know when it was released. For all I knew, it was an “oldie” way back then.

Sunday, while at the grocery store in Kyle, Texas, I came up to one of the CD racks with Tejano music, near the checkout stands. I half-heartedly looked around, already resigned to not finding it.

I saw a CD by Sunny and the Sunliners. Oh! Oh! Tunnelvision now; I could only see the CD rack directly in front of me. Did the CD have the song? No, it didn’t. Oh. I put back that CD and looked some more, paying a lot more attention now.

Wait, there was another CD by Sunny and the Sunliners and it had the song! My song, my mother’s song! I could barely believe my eyes! Almost 45 years later and 600 miles away from the diner in El Paso and I found it. I bought it.

Cariño Nuevo sounds just as good to me now as it did then. (I had to wait until I was home to listen to it, as the CD player in my truck is broken; has been for years.)

Now I can find lots of information about Sunny and the Sunliners on the Internet, not like when I started looking for the song all those years ago. More on that later.