Puppies at Four Weeks

Here are the puppies at four weeks of age, with my iPhone for size reference, of course. They are taking a nap in the kitchen after playing outside with Mom and then eating some softened solid food.


Two yellow Labrador Retriever puppies napping in the kitchen


Puppy Alert!

Two yellow Labrador Retriever puppies next to an iPhone
Can you hear me now?

Abby’s puppies, born Tuesday November 29, 2011. The lighter one is called Blondie and the darker one is Tuco, from the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. (We already have a dog named Clint, registered name Bakbay Make My Day MH MX MXJ CGC WCX.) The puppies were in the box so we could carry them to be weighed.

You can see more photos of them on my other blog, Perceptions. Select the dogs category on the right.