West Point

Highway sign West Point 10, Smithville 20

I travelled to West Point; yes, I did. That’s West Point, Texas.



Packed Rat

I’m pretty good at packing for a trip; I don’t particularly over-pack. Well, unless I’m going to an out-of-town agility trial and there is a good chance of rain at the trial site. Then I have to take extra clothes, rain gear, umbrellas, and towels. Then I over-pack. But under normal, non-agility conditions, I pack as little as possible when travelling.

Unpacking, however, is a different story. I get home, unpack my travel bags and put them away. I put them away with stuff still in them. Why? Because most of them have black linings and it’s hard to see what’s in there. I think the bags are empty. They are not empty.

(I refuse to have a purse with a black or dark lining. Whenever I sew a purse or tote bag, it has a very light lining. Problem solved, there.)

I regularly leave something packed in one or more of my travel bags. I am a Packed Rat. For example, I once lost a belt for over a year and found it only when packing for the next out-of-town trip.

I also leave items in tote bags. When I take my watercolor paintings to work for show-and-tell, I use a really nice, pink tote bag that my friend Susan gave me. I put my meeting papers in the tote bag, to make it easy to haul everything around. Then I take my tote bag home. The next day, I wonder, where are my meeting papers from yesterday? The Packed Rat syndrome strikes again.