Concrete Dividers

One thing I appreciate is the line of concrete dividers on the Interstate. They are there to prevent a vehicle from crossing over and going the wrong way on the other side of the highway. I hope to never see them actually used for their purpose, but I appreciate them.



Clean Windows

One thing I really appreciate is having clean windows on my vehicle. And when they are clean, it’s because someone else besides me cleaned them.

I can get the dirt and bug remains off the windows, yes, but not without putting in lots of streaks. I don’t notice the streaks, of course, until the next time I drive my vehicle. Then it is obvious as to how not-really-clean the windows are.

Over time, I’ve learned that cleaning windows is best left to the professionals: the car wash businesses. My favorite car wash business, H2O Car Wash and Detail, has big, blue tent coverings for their employees to work under. I really like that part, too.