Concrete Dividers

One thing I appreciate is the line of concrete dividers on the Interstate. They are there to prevent a vehicle from crossing over and going the wrong way on the other side of the highway. I hope to never see them actually used for their purpose, but I appreciate them.




One thing I appreciate is an Interstate turnaround, where you can get from one access road to the other without having to wait at the light at the intersection. It’s especially nice for those of us (me) who are sometimes on autopilot and miss their desired exit.


Clean Windows

One thing I really appreciate is having clean windows on my vehicle. And when they are clean, it’s because someone else besides me cleaned them.

I can get the dirt and bug remains off the windows, yes, but not without putting in lots of streaks. I don’t notice the streaks, of course, until the next time I drive my vehicle. Then it is obvious as to how not-really-clean the windows are.

Over time, I’ve learned that cleaning windows is best left to the professionals: the car wash businesses. My favorite car wash business, H2O Car Wash and Detail, has big, blue tent coverings for their employees to work under. I really like that part, too.