Skunk Habitat, Finally!

Christmas lights aren’t the only thing you can see at the Buda Trail of Lights in the Old Stagecoach Park.


A sign warning walkers about the skunk habitat


Seismic Cable Crossing

Seismic Cable Crossing traffic sign
Seismic Cable Crossing

Here’s a sign I don’t see everyday. In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever seen it. I saw it on Sunday, on my way to Houston. I took note of where it was and on my way back, I turned off the highway to check it out.

There I was, camera turned on, ready to take photographs of seismic cables crossing the road. I didn’t see any seismic cables crossing the road or doing anything else. I didn’t see one at all. Are they solitary creatures or do they travel in packs? I was there late in the afternoon and maybe seismic cables travel in the wee hours of the day.

And most importantly: Why do they cross the road?


The Wave

I love to wave at people on street corners who are holding up business signs, trying to get drivers-by to stop, come in and spend some money. They are waving at me and I wave back. How cool is that? We are all connected, in one way or another.

Look how much information they share, and for free! I can get my taxes done (not for free). That guy sure looks good in red, white and blue and that tall Uncle Sam hat. I can buy on-sale items from a going-out-of-business store. Everything Must Go! (Sorry, Borders Books.) Get the oil in my vehicle changed. Buy a new cell phone. (Call me!) Go to the mattress store for their sales on any given Monday holiday.

On one corner, there’s a man who actually has heated ready-to-take-home pizzas with him. He keeps them in a container that looks like a really fat padded briefcase, holding it up high so everyone can see it. He does a pretty good business, that’s for sure.

They just seem like such friendly people, I just have to wave back.