Would Have Started Sooner

The Plinky prompt for July 25, 2011: Are there any skills you’ve picked up in the last year? Yes, indeed. This is the one new skill of mine that stands out:

I have learned something new! Isn’t it exciting?! I learned to follow verbal instructions.

Sure, sure, you thought I should have known how to do that by now, and you’re right. I should have been able to do that a long time ago.

But now is good, right?

I learned to follow instructions in a watercolor class. Not a class at a school, but an informal class taught by a friend’s sister. I came out of that class with a completed watercolor painting of a sunflower in a vase. I took it right to the local craft store and got it framed that day. Talk about (almost) instant gratification!

watercolor painting of sunflowers in a terracotta vase
Sunflower watercolor

Here’s what I learned: When the instructor said to pick up Brush A, I picked up Brush A. When she said, dip it in Color B, I dipped it in color B. I used Stroke C when she said to. Repeat with subsequent instructions for other brushes, colors and strokes. Not quite like Simon says, but pretty close. (And the instructor’s name wasn’t Simon.)

I did what she said and here’s the watercolor that I painted, in my very first ever watercolor class. If I had known that following instructions was so rewarding, I would have started sooner.


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