Seismic Cable Crossing

Seismic Cable Crossing traffic sign
Seismic Cable Crossing

Here’s a sign I don’t see everyday. In fact, this was the first time I’ve ever seen it. I saw it on Sunday, on my way to Houston. I took note of where it was and on my way back, I turned off the highway to check it out.

There I was, camera turned on, ready to take photographs of seismic cables crossing the road. I didn’t see any seismic cables crossing the road or doing anything else. I didn’t see one at all. Are they solitary creatures or do they travel in packs? I was there late in the afternoon and maybe seismic cables travel in the wee hours of the day.

And most importantly: Why do they cross the road?



2 thoughts on “Seismic Cable Crossing

  1. The cables were put out a couple of days ago along FM 2679 which is off 290. I live on that road and have no idea what they are for. That is how I found your question as I would like to know what it is for. Guys are going up and down the road and over a lot of the property around here (hear they pay a good price to access the land around here). Maybe there is a prehistoric monster rumbling under the earth?

    1. I wonder what Seismic Cables sound like, as they are crossing the road. You have a good point, maybe they are pre-historic Seismic Cables, related to the Mosasaurs of the Cretaceous Period?

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