Something Different

And now for something completely different . . . . (to borrow the phrase from The Monty Python Show).

Just another morning on autopilot. Wake up, get ready for work, open the garage door to leave for work, get in the SUV to drive to work …

Not the way it happened. Open the garage door to leave for work, yes. But while I’m putting my purse in the SUV, I hear a big SPLAT. I turn towards the open garage door just in time to see a snake crawling to the side of our garage, otherwise known as snake-camouflage heaven. Snake = yellow alert.

The snake had nestled in the little lip of the garage door before I so rudely pressed the button to open the door so I could leave for work. When the door was fully retracted, the angle was such that the snake could not remain in the bottom lip. And the bottom was now at the top of the garage, so it fell out and onto the garage floor. Thus the SPLAT.

I ran over to it, to try to get a glimpse of it. It was most important to know if this was a rattlesnake. Rattlesnake = red alert.

It wasn’t. No diamond shapes on its back and no rattle. Maybe a rat snake. Back down to yellow alert. It disappeared into the clutter we call necessary stuff. I turn the situation over to my snake wrangler, also known as hubby.

Hubby couldn’t force it out of its hiding place, so he left the garage door open in hopes of it wandering away on its own (and hoping nothing else took a liking to our garage). We haven’t seen any mice in the garage for a while, so we’re not really sure if the snake is gone or just helping us out.

Let’s just say that I don’t leave the door from the house to the garage open at all. The last thing I need to see is that tail slithering into the house. I’d hate to have to sleep in the garage. In my SUV. With the doors locked.

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