The Wild, Wild Vest

I seem to be quite taken with the idea of wearing vests and I first posted about this in August in The Vild, Vild Vest. I revisited my original post this morning and decided that I can add a little more explanation.

I fondly remember two pretty vests I bought many years ago. I even remember the shop where I found them; it was in Spring, Texas. After my pretty vests wore out, I missed them and couldn’t find any similar ones to buy. When I decided to learn to sew, I included vests as one of the clothing items I wanted to make for myself. I wanted to start a tradition at the office and wear a vest every Friday; a different vest every Friday, if I had my way about it. I’d be such the trend-setter, at least in my mind. I planned on sewing enough vests that it would be months and months before I’d wear one for the second time. I even had a name for my future vest collection: The Wild, Wild Vest or maybe The Vilde, Vilde, Vest.

Cute name (I thought), good intentions, bad execution, yet again. It’s coming up on 20 years since I bought my first sewing machine and has Vest Friday happened yet? No, it has not.

I now own three sewing machines and one serger. I have at least 9 vest patterns, yards and yards (and more yards) of fabric, dozens of spools of thread in all kinds of colors (maybe hundreds of spools of thread and I think I’m safe in confiding this to you here because we are kindred spirits, are we not?) and countless buttons – with and without shanks – all awaiting my attention.

I haven’t given up my goal of making vests, I’m just having trouble getting started. (Ahem) I even bought a vest kit in November at the 2011 Houston International Quilt Festival. The sample was so pretty, I tell myself, maybe this one will be the one to get me going. My new vest kit is somewhere in my sewing room now, fading into the landscape. If I’m not careful, I’ll be retired from my current job before I start my Vest Friday tradition and then I’ll have to get another job just to show off my vests. I’d include a photo of one of my vests for this post, but I have yet to make even one.

I’m thinking the fastest way to make a vest is to take one of hubby’s shirts and cut off the sleeves. That shouldn’t take too long.



2 thoughts on “The Wild, Wild Vest

  1. Hail, fellow writer-sewist! (I only this week learned that people who sew call themselves sewists. Better than sewer, I suppose). Found you via SheWrites.

    Could your non-vested state these 20 years be a perfectionist streak, or is it that the cobbler’s children never have shoes? Make haste, be in front of the trend before 80s fashions are considered retro cool.

    My thing is making slip dresses, although not for myself. Each one I complete, though, is a sigh of relief that my husband and I made it to our 25th anniversary last week despite the very rocky early years, as this anecdote about my torn slip captures:

    1. One issue that leads to my *not* sewing the vests is that I’m easily inspired and easily distracted. By the time I get home, I’m innundated with chores or another project. But the main reason is that I can’t really read a clothing pattern. I never learned how, so they are SCARY!

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