New Drill

Yesterday I came home to find a new drill still in its box on the kitchen counter.

“Was that on the list?” I asked.

“Yes,” hubby replied, “it was on the list, from a long time ago. I just found it. Now we can hang more of your watercolors.”

“What’s wrong with the drill we had?”

“It has a cord,” he said.

“Yes,” I explain, “that’s how the electricity gets to it, to make that little thing on the end turn and turn.”

“Ah,” he continued, excited, “this one is cordless.”

I wondered if he thought that I was going to hang a watercolor in a place where the electric drill couldn’t reach. Maybe out in the pasture? I kept that thought to myself.

“Okay, sweetie,” I said, “I’ll sign up for more watercolor classes, just for you.”

The things I do to keep hubby happy.


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