One Baseboard Ahead

A while back, I wondered aloud how baseboards got dirty. Because get dirty, they do. It’s not like I’m using them for anything, except to hide the intersection of the wall and the floor covering.

I decided to see if I could clean one. Just one. I took two small towels, wet one and ran it along the baseboard. That was okay. I got out a cleaning brush, made sure it was wet and ran it along the baseboard, following that with the second towel, to dry the area.

Baseboard, cleaned

Voila, it (mostly) worked, as you can see.

Oh. I was counting on that experiment not working. Now that means I have to clean all those other baseboards. Curses! Foiled again!

Funny how our language is, that I can say that I ‘cleaned’ something, but it might not be ‘clean,’ only cleaner than it was before. I’d show you a ‘before’ photo, but that would be too embarrassing and I was smart enough not to take one. I would also show you a truly ‘clean’ baseboard, but I couldn’t fine one. Besides, if you have clean baseboards, or at least one clean baseboard, you already know what that looks like. That makes you one step — or baseboard — ahead of me.



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