The Final Frontier

My GPS is acting weird. I took an alternate route home yesterday, as I received a traffic tip just before I left the office that Interstate 35 going south was one, big parking lot. (Thanks, Becky!) The route I chose is one I take commonly, but this time I decided to use my GPS to show me the side streets along the way; I used it in the “map” mode.

Everything was fine until I was on FM 1327. From then on out, the GPS didn’t show any roads on the south side. These roads have been there forever and I’ve seen them on the GPS before this. For the first road that I passed that wasn’t displaying on the map, I thought maybe it was the glare from the sun that hid it from me. Not so. The next road that wasn’t on the map was where I turn south. The arrowhead reflecting my position was still on the GPS, but it was floating on top of nothing.

Maybe the GPS thought I was flying? The “home” icon showed up shortly thereafter, also surrounded by nothing. My flying arrowhead consistently showed the correct location, just no roads. I thought of Star Trek and the voyage of the starship Enterprise, how it travelled to unmapped places. For me, it wasn’t space, it was “south.”

South: The Final Frontier.



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