“We teach basic math and writing without expecting students to become mathematicians and novelists. Why couldn’t we teach students basic drawing without expecting them all to become artists? People who can draw do not have an extra “talent” node on their brains.” ~ Carl Purcell, Your Artist’s Brain (2010)

“Books written for painters do not imply that the chances are that the reader can never be anything but a conceited dauber, nor do textbooks on engineering start out by warning the student that because he has been able to make a grasshopper out of two rubber bands and a matchstick he is not to think that he is likely ever to be an honor to his chosen profession.” ~ Dorothea Brande, Becoming A Writer (1934)

Interesting that the author of the painting book refers to books on writing and the author of the writing book refers to books on painting. I’m a student of both writing and painting, so I’m happy to hear that these teachers consider everyone as having some potential that will vary with the individual.



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