School’s Out

It’s the end of May. School is out and summer is here. That’s what makes me feel like a kid again. Even though I haven’t been in school for decades, I still get that giddy school’s out feeling. Summer!

Time! Time to read books, visit friends, watch movies, write letters, write short stories, sleep in, cook new dishes, go to the swimming pool.

I have as much time now as I did then — the hours in the day are the same — but I don’t have the same schedule. It’s a slight shock to look around me each end of May, after I have that giddy feeling and think about running out of the building, throwing my hands up in the air and kicking up my heels. The shock is the realization that the building I would run out of is not a school, it’s a business. Instead of textbooks to toss in the air, I have reams and reams of system documentation.

I don’t get the summer off anymore, I have to go to work each weekday. Still, I wonder how it would feel to run out the doors, leaping in joy again. I would probably scare the squirrels.



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