Drastic Measures

Sometimes I just have to take drastic measures. I’ve cautioned you before, about the dangers of wearing your glasses while cleaning. Usually this is a big mistake.

Unfortunately, my sewing room was wreck. Nobody’s fault but my own. Yesterday, I ignored my own advice and wore my glasses while cleaning my sewing room. There just wasn’t any way around it. And I mean that literally, I couldn’t hardly walk into my sewing room, much less sew. Something had to change. I put on my glasses, took a deep breath and tiptoed in. A few hours later, I had achieved a large measure of success.

In fact, not only could I walk into the room, I could actually sit down at the sewing machine. And that’s exactly what I did, late in the afternoon. Here you see the results.

Paper Pieced key chain
Key Chain

I have tons of yards of fabric, gazillions of patterns and books and what do I make? I make a 2.5″ inch by 2.5 inch key chain quilt. The big news (besides being able to see my sewing machine now) is that I sewed the key chain quilt using the paper piecing method. This pattern and the paper piecing method were demonstrated Thursday at Sew Much More’s Sew Club. Thanks, Diane!

I was inspired. Cute little key chain quilts with points that match, no matter what! I had a few construction issues, one you can see for yourself (the angle of the fob) and others you can’t see from this view. Thank goodness you can’t see all the mistakes in one view. It’s best to spread them around; yes it is.



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