I love libraries. They’re so full of, well, books. I remember getting a library card in 1966 that was good until 1969. Three whole years! I was so happy.

I read the book reviews from the New York Times and NPR, so I regularly get the benefit of someone else’s opinion of a lot of books. But sometimes I like to inject an element of surprise. At the library, I’ll take a look around in the shelves near the specific book that I have chosen. I wonder, what is on the shelf below? Behind? Across? At the other end? Every once in a while, I decide to check out an extra book from one of these shelves, just to randomly broaden my horizens. Exciting stuff, right?

Not too long ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new mystery/crime author who had seven books in a series. I found her just by looking at the bottom shelf of where I was standing. I finished book four and am looking forward to the other three. That’s one of the things I appreciate: finding an author with several books published and whose work I like.



4 thoughts on “Libraries

  1. Who is the author? Did you not say on purpose? So we would have to investigate this mystery? You have to tell me, you know. “We have ways of making you talk…”

  2. Um, I just got here going backward from your newer posts, but don’t recall seeing a post about a mystery writer? For how long shall I stay tuned? 🙂

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