Power Door Locks

Not too long ago, I shared one awkward first date experience, in Dying of Embarrassment. (It wasn’t my fault, really.)

Writing about it did get me to wondering about power door locks. I didn’t have power door locks in a vehicle that I owned until 1992 or thereabouts. How long have they been around?

They have been around a whole lot longer that I would have guessed, since 1914. Yes, the year the Great War started. Introduced in a Scripps-Booth vehicle in 1914. Fast forward to the 1950s, when Packard put them in their luxury cars. Now, most vehicles have them.

Kids these days will just have to find other ways of having awkard first dates, probably something to do with cell phones. At least they’ll be able to text each other from inside/outside the car. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing, to get a text that said “door’s open. get in.”



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