Going Fishing

Spring is here and so is the Bass Pro Shops Premium Fishing Tackle Master Catalog 2011. Yours is in the mail, I’m sure. This hefty tome has 707 pages of fishing-related items. Then there are a few more pages where they spotlight their NASCAR sportsman racing team and the Toyota Tundra, the official truck for Tracker boats (both paid advertisements). Just after that are 16 pages covering their dream vacation spots and packages. Don’t have a log cabin of your own? You can stay in theirs.

But back to the catalog. It has everything you need to go fishing in this nice spring weather and everything you need to protect you from this nice spring weather. Vests, hats, umbrellas, boots, jackets, waders. That list goes on and on.

Need a boat? Look in pages 8-41. Lots of boats, all sizes, shapes and prices. Kayaks are more towards the middle of the catalog. They also have the expected fishing rods, lines, lures, and all of that type of stuff. Bags to carry all your gear, of course.

Need a new sonar GPS unit? They have a deal for you. You can get one that displays the Bird’s Eye Chart View, the Bottom Zoom, the Cursor View and the Real Time Sonar. Another unit has a depth range of 600 feet. Watch out, Loch Ness Monster! You can swim, but you can’t hide!

New iPhone4 Defender Series Cases. Custom covers for your boats, as well, for “reliable, round-the-clock protection!” Gas grills for on-the-water meals, when you just can’t wait until you get back to shore.

And for the female fisherperson, pink or periwinkle rod and reel combos. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. Oh, wait, wrong commerical.



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