The Wave, Part 2

In The Wave, Part 1 (only it wasn’t Part 1 because I didn’t know then that there would be a Part 2), I commented that I like waving at people with advertising signs.

This is a “city wave.” People with advertising signs seem to be found only in the city and not in the middle of a miles-long farm-to-market road. Huh. Anyway, this “city wave” does have a country cousin. People on rural roads wave as they meet each other, driving in opposite directions.

Not everyone driving in the countryside does it and that’s part of the mystery. How do I know who to wave to and when not to? To tell the truth, I can’t tell by looking who is a “waver.”

Once I get to any of the two-lane roads in my area, I make sure that one of my hands is at the top of the steering wheel. It’s usually the hand on the steering wheel that people wave with. It’s not a full wave, not with the arm and hand raised. It’s just a release of a few fingers from the steering wheel: up, then down. If you blink, you will miss it.

The closer I get to my house, the more I wave. I wave at people who are mowing their lawns. I wave at people riding horses and on ATVs. I wave at people checking their mailboxes. I wave at the UPS, FedEx and DHL delivery drivers. Maybe they left me a package! I like to give them a full-handed wave . . . just in case.



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