How To Wash Dishes

How To Wash Dishes.

First thing I like to do is find something on TV to distract me from this boring, repetitive chore. (I can see the TV while standing at the kitchen sink.) My first choice is either a professional football or baseball game. These are seasonal and not always on. And with the possible football strike/lockout, I may have to get used to the idea that their upcoming off season will be longer than normal.

No football or baseball? I start surfing the channels, searching for one of my favorite movies. Sometimes I get lucky on the first surfing pass, sometimes I don’t. No Harry Potter, Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes? Then why is Tremors always showing?

Second thing, then, is to lower my entertainment standards and keep surfing. This may mean choosing a not-so-interesting movie or choosing a good movie on a channel with commercials. Although this broadens the quantity of channels to choose from, it doesn’t necessarily produce acceptable results.

I may have to settle for a show that is not a movie and that has commercials, so now I’m paying attention to then names of all the shows. Who watches all that stuff, anyway? If I have any luck left, there will be an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos on. Alas, sometimes I can’t even find one of those, even though more than one channel shows AFV. (Where did the “H” for “Home” go?)

Nothing? 157 channels and nothing on?

In the time I’ve spent looking for something to watch on TV, I could have washed most, if not all, of the dishes. But that’s not the point.



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