Just This Once

Eating these Belgian waffles just this once won’t hurt anything, right? I mean, I hardly ever eat them. They taste so good, don’t they, with soft butter in each and every square, the butter melting under the heated maple syrup. Mmmmmmm

Those cheesy chicken enchiladas? I’m telling you, it’s rare that I eat at a Mexican restaurant, so this time should be okay, not counting the basket of chips that I ate before my order arrived and the partial basket of chips that I ate afterwards, just to be sure that no food was wasted.

Birthday cake at the office? Let’s cut it first thing in the morning, so we can celebrate all day. That’s the spirit!

A retirement party? Say, are those homemade brownies? Sure, I’ll try one some.

Girl Scout cookies? Of course I’ll support your daughter.

Mardi Gras King Cake? Sure, and then I’ll give it up for Lent (even though I’m not Catholic).

Leftover Valentine’s Day/Easter/Halloween candy? Why should kids get all the fun (and sugar)?

Amy’s Ice Cream after the movie (and popcorn)? Okay, but just this once.



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