My Popularity Rating

It’s that time of year, again. Time for chocolate covered strawberries. I make my own; they are my specialty. My popularity rating is highest when I make chocolate covered strawberries at the office.

Here’s how it works:

1. Buy the best strawberries you can, really big and juicy ones. Also buy the chocolate, made specifically for dipping fruit into it. My grocery store carries Dolci Frutta. It’s always near the strawberries, so that you don’t have to wander around the store looking for it. There are other brands and at least one of them is dark chocolate-based.

2. Wash the strawberries and pat them down far enough ahead of time so that they have time to dry. Make sure they are totally dry or else the chocolate will not adhere to them. Usually about 45 minutes or so, for me.

3. The Dolci Frutta container is microwaveable. Remove the lid and seal and follow the instructions. It’s very important to pay attention to your chocolate discs. Chocolate that is shaped does not particularly look melted when it is. It is very easy to over-nuke your chocolate. Stir the chocolate after each interval and you’ll see that it is melting.

4. Take off your office badge, if you wear it on a lanyard. It will just get into the chocolate and then all over your clothes. Trust me on this one.

5. Dip the strawberries into the chocolate. Put them on waxed paper. I’ve also used parchment paper and Syran Wrap. For best results, put the dipped strawberries in the refrigerator for a little while, so that the chocolate hardens. Again, 30-45 minutes, at least. Strawberries tend to ooze after a while, so the time in the fridge is just to stiffen up the chocolate.

6. Be sure to taste one before anyone else does. That’s what all the good chefs do. And, if you are so inclined, eat the remaining melted chocolate, if there is any. You don’t want it to go to waste, right?

7. Bring out the wonderful chocolate-covered strawberries. Each one is a thing of beauty. Invite your friends. You’ll have lots of friends to help you eat them, that’s for sure.

Many a newcomer to my office has left as an experienced chocolate-covered strawberry chef. I’m happy to pass on the secret to you, as well. It’s also the secret to a high popularity rating.



One thought on “My Popularity Rating

  1. Bill, one of my chocolate covered strawberry converts, reminds me that he likes to use disposable plastic plates instead of waxed paper. This makes the chocolate spread out at the bottom of the strawberry and, as he says, “… when you remove the berry it makes the neatest little popping sound . . . while the berry comes off clean.”

    You got it, Bill!

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