Looking Like A Lumberjack

It’s cold here in central Texas. Actually, it’s cold just about everywhere in North America. One report said that the storm is affecting 40 states. Big and cold. Our local forecast includes a good chance of snow for this morning.

We’ve had to adjust to the below freezing temperatures that just won’t go away. One adjustment I’ve made is what I wear to work. For me, it all starts with the socks. I want to wear my wool hiking socks so that my feet aren’t as cold. I only have two pair of shoes that I can wear with those socks: my hiking boots and my sort-of-chukka boots. Sort-of-chukka boots, it is, then.

My hiking socks and sort-of-chukka boots don’t pair up well with the pants that I usually wear to work, so that leads me to select jeans. Same situation exists for my blouses, plus my long-sleeved blouses aren’t made for real winter weather, anyway. I pull on a long-sleeved t-shirt. Then, I choose a thick sweater that is acceptable for the office (probably). I put it on, over my t-shirt. (The sweater will hide the Life Is Good screen print of a yellow dog wagging its tail with the caption “Instant Message” on my t-shirt, which makes it unacceptable for office wear, under normal circumstances.)

It would be nice if I could add one more layer for warmth, but now I’m bundled up and need something that is large enough to fit over all these layers. That pretty much excludes anything else in my closet. Ah, my husband’s checkered flannel shirt, that should do it.

Last but not least, I put on my earrings. What kind of earrings does this “outfit” call for? I decide on the gold-filigree Spanish-looking earrings. Pretty fancy, I know, but I am going to work and I don’t want people to think I don’t put any effort into how I dress.

And there you have it: How I got to the office looking like a lumberjack. A mostly warm lumberjack, with really nice earrings.



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