A Lipogram

A lipogram (not to be confused with liposuction) is a written piece that omits a certain letter or groups of letters on purpose.

One of the most famous examples is Gadsby (1939) by Ernest Vincent Wright. There is no letter “e” in this 50,000+ word novel. Georges Perec, from France, inspired by Mr Wright, wrote La Disparition (1969). There is no “e” in the French version or the English translation. Mr Perec also wrote Les Reverentes (1972) where “e” is the only vowel used.

Not too long ago, Plinky used this premise as a writing prompt. Our goal was a 100-word story without using an “e” anywhere. Here, then, is my “no e” story. Writing it wasn’t too hard. Getting it to flow well, that wasn’t so easy.

An illicit party, by and for dogs

Our living room had muddy paw prints on window sills, dog drool on all candy bowls and half-full cans of soda. It was just a big party trash can. Without human limitations, our two young Labradors, Dusty and Abby, had found a calling in organizing illicit galas for local animal individuals. How many dogs, now sporting an alias, had sat in our doorway as lookouts, to warn said party of our coming back?

Dusty had brought all my socks into our living room for a tug-of-war sporting affair, making him a star in a unanimous opinion of his dog buds. Cops driving by thought such loud barking was abnormal. By calling us back from our out-of-town trip, any additional partying was put on hold.



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