Just Like Magic

Over at CrazyBasenji, my friend Judy blogged about Magic Potions, Magic Lotions and Magic Motions. She had blue paragraph titles. Blue. I’d never seen this before.

I thought I could have any color of font that I wanted, as long as it was black, à la Henry Ford. There actually was a reason for that, for black being the only paint color used for Ford vehicles way back in the beginning of automobile time. It had to do with how fast the paint dried — black paint dried the fastest — and the problems with things like paint brush bristles sticking to the other paint colors that were slow to dry. It was a quality issue.

Things are different now, here in the Internet age. One font color doesn’t dry any faster or slower than another font color. So where were the other colors hiding? I was hoping that it didn’t have anything to do with the blog’s theme. WordPress provides lots and lots of themes for us bloggers to choose from. But trying to find one with all the widgets I already have and different font colors, well, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through that. Anytime I peruse through the available themes and try them out, hours go by. In the end, I decide to stay with the theme I already have.

After a short hunt, I found the font colors hiding on the Visual tab.  I usually write my posts while on the HTML tab, for no reason other than it’s what my new post page opens with.

Now I can use other font colors, too. Just like magic.



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