My Favorite Mistake

My favorite mistake. Actually, that should be mistakes (plural).

My current favorite mistake happens when I cook. I use containers that are too small.

After a few minutes, or sometimes right after I put all the ingredients into a pot, I decide it is too small and have to get out another one. If I have to use a bowl to mix the pot’s contents with something else, the bowl is too small. Somehow I don’t see this until I put something in the bowl, getting it dirty. I reach up to the cabinet and take out a larger one. When it’s time to eat, I start to place all the food on my plate, that is, of course, too small, so I use a bigger one. (I think I can get by using the little, little plates, not the dinner plates.) And when it’s time to clean up and I get out the storage containers to put the food in the refrigerator? You guessed it, I first try to put the food in containers that are way too small.

I’m getting a clue as to why it takes me so long to wash the dishes. That’s because I use most of them each time I cook.

For sewing, my favorite error is to sew one right side of the fabric to one wrong side. Depending on the instructions, I’m supposed to be sewing either both right sides together or both wrong sides together (and then right sides together, for a French seam). For some reason, I have “issues” with the RST (right sides together) instruction. I have to open up seams so often that I’ve named my seam ripper Mrs. Wiggins (from the Carol Burnet/Tim Conway skit) because we spend a lot of time together. Some people name their cars, I name my seam ripper.

When I was a programmer, my favorite mistake was an infinite loop. The program got to one instruction, decided it liked that location and just stayed there. Yes, it was doing exactly what I told it do (via my coding), but that’s beside the point. No, wait, that is the point.

I even manage the same consistency when training my dogs. Somehow I always teach the Down cue prior to the Stand cue. When my dogs learn the Down cue, they get big treats and lots of encouragement because it’s a big deal. Good boy! And forever more, that’s what they offer to me when they are trying to guess what I want. After all, I made sure they knew how happy I was when they learned Down. I should be just as happy when they decide to do it, right?

When I try to teach them to Stand, all they do is offer the Sit and Down. It looks like they are doing doggie pushups: Sit, Down, Sit, Down, Sit, Down. But why are they doing the Sit/Down routine when it’s feeding time? I think they are trying to tell me that their food bowl is too small.

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