Almost A Date

Thanksgiving morning. Holidays are one of the few times that one of us doesn’t have plans to leave the house before dawn. We decided to go out to eat breakfast, mostly because we don’t have the same eating habits/diets and what one eats, the other does not. Answer = go out where there are multiple menu items to choose from.

I love it when someone else cooks. And cleans up. If this is the setup I want, I usually have to pay for it at a restaurant. Sounds good to me.

Fireplace at McDonald's
Fireplace at McDonald's in Kyle

What a surprise when I walk into the restuarant. A fireplace with chairs in front of it? Really? It’s an electric fireplace, but I am impressed anyway. It’s a silent roaring fire, and it’s 7:00 a.m. Quite welcoming. It’s the McDonald’s in Kyle, Texas. Really.

This is the fanciest McDonald’s I have ever been in. And it’s not just the fireplace and chairs. The whole eating area is way more upscale than any other McDonald’s I’ve seen. Not that I’m a regular customer of McDonald’s, I’m not, but hubby is. So McDonald’s is where we eat breakfast together every once in a while. He gets his usual and I get the breakfast menu item I think is least bad for me: pancakes and orange juice.

It was almost a date. If I had known, I would have dressed up a bit. Worn a shirt with less dog hair on it, something like that. Now I’m looking forward to Christmas morning. I’ll be dressing up for sure.


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