Movie Zombies

My husband and I always sit through all the movie credits. Sometimes we get a nice surprise, like at the end of the Iron Man movies, where we saw an extra scene. I thought at the time that it was a preview (really early preview) of an upcoming action-hero movie, but so far, that didn’t turn out to be the case. They were just cute extra scenes.

While the credits are rolling, we look at all the support staff and their titles. We don’t have any idea what most of those titles refer to, but some of them look interesting. Just what is a libra head technician, anyway? Or a shader writer?

The people exiting the theater are pretty interesting, as a group. By the time most people are standing up, they have gotten out their phones and are checking them. All except the one man who was sitting two chairs away from me, who actually answered his phone and had a conversation in the middle of the movie. He didn’t miss any calls.

Everyone else is polite enough to wait until the movie ends. Once the movie is over, however, they are heads down, phone on, barely moving out of the theater because they have to move slow enough to be able to read their phone. The theater is still dark and their phones are quite visible. They look like movie zombies with remote control units.

Wonder if I can turn that into a movie script. I’m thinking I’ll have the movie zombies turn on the man who answered his phone in the middle of the movie. I’ll make his phone ring and ring and ring. The closer his hand gets to touching his phone to answer it, the closer the zombies will get. We’ll see just how important that phone call is, won’t we?

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