Name tags

Name tags. Great tools for gatherings where everyone does not know everyone else. One of the clubs I belong to doesn’t bother with them, two other clubs do. I have a permanent name tag for my sewing guild; I ordered it through them. Usually I can remember to take it with me to the meeting. That’s quite an accomplishment, let me tell you. For my fiber artists group, members make their own name tag. Thus, I do not have one.

I cannot remember to make my own name tag. The only time I remember that I’m supposed to do that is when I’m actually driving to the meeting. At each meeting, I write my name on a temporary name tag, write myself a note to make a permanent name tag, put the note in my purse and never see it again. A month goes by, I get in my truck to drive to the next meeting and then, I remember.

But, I’ve come up with a plan. It involves a Sharpie pen. My plan is to take the Sharpie pen and write my name on the shirt that I’m wearing at the meeting. Repeat at each meeting. Eventually, all my shirts will have my name on them and I’ll show up and won’t need a temporary name tag. Ha! So there!

Of course, I won’t want to wear those shirts anywhere else, like to work. I’ll buy more shirts and they won’t have my name on them. By accident, I’ll wear a non-Sharpie inscribed shirt to the fiber artists meeting and an inscribed shirt to work.

Maybe it will just be easier, less embarrassing and cheaper just to remember to make myself a name tag. Now, why did I come in this room? Well, I’m sure I’ll remember eventually . . . like in a month.


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