A New Neighbor

We have a new neighor, it seems. A new, nocturnal neighbor. An owl. Maybe two.

I can hear it, but I can’t see it. I’ve looked out my window, only to find that it’s dark outside and I can’t see a thing. (Now there’s a surprise.)

There are 13 owls listed in the Birds of Texas Peterson Field Guide. Because I can’t see the owl, I tried to figure out which one it is by the voice as described in the book. It has a soft “hoo-hoo.” That leaves out the Screech Owl and quite a few others.

It could be the Flammulated Owl, the Long-Eared Owl or even the Great Horned Owl. I’m somewhat leaning towards the idea that it’s a Long-Eared Owl. The voice description for it is close to what I hear: “A low moaning dove-like hoo, hoo, hoo.”

I skipped on over to The Owl Pages, where you can hear the sounds of all the owls. Sure enough, I think it’s the Long-Eared Owl. Here’s where you can see photos of the Long-Eared Owl.

Our winter is just starting here in central Texas, so there’s no telling how long our visitor will stay. Maybe I can get a glimpse of him before he leaves.


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