I’ll call you back

I don’t answer my phone when I’m driving. I hardly ever did that anyway and after I took the defensive driving course where I learned that talking on the phone while driving is like being drunk and driving, I don’t do it at all. Not that many people call me anyway, whether I’m driving or not, so I haven’t really given up anything.

Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to realize that my phone is ringing. That usually happens when I hear some extra music in the background of a song that’s playing on the radio. (It’s always the radio playing because my CD player broke the week after my warranty ran out. That’s another story.) I think, “Well, I don’t remember that being in the song. Was I just not paying attention the other 100/200/300 times that I listened to it? When did they add that in?”

Ah, I think, maybe it’s my phone ringing, adding in the extra music. Then I’ll pick up my purse and hold it to my ear. Mystery solved! My phone is ringing. I put my purse back on the seat and keep driving.

So if you see someone driving down the road, holding their purse up to their ear, it’s me. I’ll call you back after I get home.


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