The Incredible Shrinking Socks

Ah, don’t you just love a new pair of socks? I do. They are white, soft and cushion-y. They feel really good on my feet. Makes me want to just get up and GO!

It’s after I wash and dry them that they start shrinking. Somehow they come out of the dryer smaller than when they went in.

Usually they haven’t shrunk so much that I can’t wear them, but the new-ness is definitely gone. They aren’t so cushion-y either, and the whiteness depends on whether I was wearing them for dog training or not. Socks worn while training dogs never see the white of day again.

Socks go into the dryer as size Medium and come out Small. After a few more washing and drying cycles, they come out Really Small and start to look like a child’s pair of socks. Some of these socks, not all of them, continue to shrink. When they get to be doll-size, I toss them.

I don’t lose socks in the dryer, like some people. I put two socks in, two socks come out. No, my problem is that I buy Incredible Shrinking Socks.


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