Prisoner of Azkaban Purse

Here is my Prisoner of Azkaban Purse. It’s not something Bellatrix Lestrange would be caught dead with. It’s a little perky for her, wouldn’t you agree?

I named it that because The Prisoner of Azkaban was the movie I had in the DVD player while I sewed the purse. I’m pretty slow at sewing and I had to play the movie twice to finish the purse. I can’t put anything in the DVD player that I haven’t seen before or else I wouldn’t get any sewing done. And no foreign films, either, where I have to read the subtitles. Sewing requires a movie that I know pretty well so that I can mostly listen to it.

Of course, The Prisoner of Azkaban Purse is not the real name of the purse. The pattern is Margo by Lazy Girl Designs.

This purse is not the only item I’ve sewed while watching (listening) to a movie in the DVD player. Wait until you see my Bloodwork quilt top.


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