All’s well that ends well . . . maybe

Hollywood would be in a lot of trouble if I edited movie scripts. Let’s start with one of my absolute favorite movies: Star Trek (2009). (I saw it five times at the theater.)

Plot: A star’s imminent explosion threatens the planet Romulus. The Vulcan Science Academy assures the Romulans that the Academy can save the planet by using the red matter to create a black hole that will absorb the exploding star.

Spock is on his way when the star explodes, destroying Romulus.

Tension: A miner on his way home, Nero, sees his planet destroyed and vows revenge.

Suspense: Nero’s mining ship and Spock’s ship are pulled into the black hole, which turns out to be funnel into the past.

Nero goes back in time. Upon arrival, he casually (and logically) mentions to the Vulcan Science Academy that the star will explode in the future and that they need to be on time with the red matter to prevent this catastrophe.

The Academy gets right on it. Romulus is saved. Nero is a hero.

All’s well that ends well.

(What? The movie has to be 126 minutes long? Oh. I’ll get back to you.)


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