What’s in your wallet?

I carry two wallets. Two Wonder Wallets from Lazy Girl Designs that I sewed. My main wallet is pink (you’re surprised, I know) and the other is an oriental print.

Why do I carry two wallets? Because of all the “member, ” “club” and “reward” cards. You know, the cards that retailers and food establishments give you. For some reason, we have to join clubs now to be a loyal customer.

My main wallet has the usual: money (bills and coins), credit cards, insurance cards, a roadside assistance card and my driver license. (Did you get that? “Driver license,” not “driver’s license.” That’s how it is referenced on the Texas Department of Public Safety website.)

In my second wallet (the really fat wallet), I have business cards (mine and other people’s); a library card; cards from a food co-op, two movie theater chains and an office supply store; two pre-paid long-distance cards; one museum membership card, as well as membership cards for the quilt and sewing guilds; five cards for clothing stores; one retail gift card over a year old (uh, oh. Do you think it’s still good?); one chocolatier (where I get one free sample per month. All I have to do is show up at their kiosk in the mall, show my card and I get one free sample to eat right there. All I have to do is show up and I’ve only shown up twice in 7 months. What was I thinking?).

Then there’s the “buy X number and get one free” cards: two car wash businesses, one sandwich shop, one smoothie club, two quilt shops (in addition to the two plastic key chain cards from two other quilt shops). In this category I usually have vitamin cards.

Here’s how it goes at the store: Cashier: “Do you have a vitamin card with us?” Me: “Well, yes, I do! Several of them, in fact, and they are all at home.” Cashier: “I’ll start you another one and you can bring them in and we’ll combine them.” It was just this last week that I finally remembered to put them all in my fat wallet before I went to the store. I had enough single-item vitamin stamps to get two bottles of vitamins free. Now I have to start all over.

What’s in your wallet?


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