Look, is that an i…?

There we were, the three of us, in the Atrium Nosebleed section of the Bass Concerty Hall, waiting for the Phantom of the Opera to start. Without even leaning over, we could see the orchestra that was seated under the stage.

From way up there, it looked like several people in the first set of rows by the orchestra had large, electronic displays that they were playing with. Ooh, could those be the new iPad? We voted, and decided that yes, they were indeed the hot-off-the-press iPads. These people seemed very intense, very focused.

It’s all about location, location, location. We looked around our section (not too fast, so we didn’t get dizzy and fall over the railing). No iPads. Lots of iPhones or iPhone-looking devices. I guess that people who can afford seats in the orchestra section (and can manage to get through that silly ticket-buying software) can afford to buy iPads on the first day they are available and take them to the opera.

My phone was already turned to its silent mode. (I’m very low-tech. If I take pictures with my phone, it’s usually by accident. I have several pictures of the inside of my purse and my shoes.) I didn’t want to take it out of my purse because, um, it’s just a regular phone. I didn’t want my section mates to see it and chase me out of the concert hall, due to embarrassment.


One thought on “Look, is that an i…?

  1. ipad, iphone, idonthaveone…don’t really want on either as i take a strange pride in my self-imposed title of technophobe. i loved this post and that you were able to take in artistry without having to catch it on a little screen.

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