Just another administrative email in my inbox, asking everyone in the IT division to verify their contact information as part of the agency’s disaster recovery procedures. You know, just in case.

This should take all of five seconds, I thought, so okay.

I open the spreadsheet and look for my name. Not there. My five seconds are up. All I need to do is verify my name, email address and contact information. How hard can it be?

I notice that the spreadsheet is filtered on another department in the division. Ha! I’ll just undo that filter.

My name is still not there. I filter the spreadsheet on my own department’s name. Nothing. Then I change the filter so that all departments are displayed. I search for my last name and then my first name.

Zero, zilch, nada.

Everyone knows you can’t trust these new-fangled contraptions (spreadsheets), so I search through it again.

Now I’m paying attention. I check for the other employees in my unit. Yes, there they are. And, I notice, so are a few other people who are not in my division. Or weren’t, last I knew.

I had a flashback to several years ago when one of my co-workers found out she was being transferred to a different department when the new organizational chart was distributed. No one had told her. Déjà vu?

My name wasn’t on the list for any department in the division. This is not looking good, I thought. I email the admin who sent out the verification request.

Me: If I’m not on the list, does that mean someone is trying to tell me something?


Me: Whew, for a minute there I thought I was going to have to pack it up, find some cardboard to write on and a street corner to stand on.

Thank goodness that got taken care of. I was pretty sure all the good street corners in Austin were already taken and they probably had a long waiting list. I was not looking forward to having to fall back to the rural town outside of Austin where I live (population 214). Still, it has only one traffic light and I could have my pick of all the corners, or I could alternate between them.

Well, maybe some other time.


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