My Penelope Project

Penelope and Odysseus were a Greek couple who made headlines a few years back. One day Odysseus left to go to the market for some milk and was gone for 20 years. While he was gone, Penelope wove a shroud by day and undid it at night. This was a delaying tactic to put off suitors who were wanting to take advantage of her husband’s absence.

My Penelope Project is a shawl. My shawl has nothing to do with suitors, it has to do with my learning how to knit. I finally managed to step into The Yellow Sweater, a wonderful knitting shop in Buda. Lots of lovely yarn, so soft. I was inspired to go beyond my scarf routine and I decided to knit a shawl.

Here’s my routine: knit, knit, knit and knit some more. Discover that there is a glaring error several rows back. Emphasis on several. I put down the knitting for a week or two while I decide whether to leave the mistake there and keep knitting or undo it. I undo it. Then I put it aside for a week or two before I knit some more. Then I knit, knit, knit, only to discover a glaring error several rows back. Repeat.

After some three months of knitting, I have a shawl about the size of a bib for a baby doll. At this rate, it may take me 20 years to finish, the same time frame it took Odysseus to return to Penelope. (He said he was on an adventure. Uh huh, sure.) I’m thinking that milk was sour by then.


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