Just My Luck

Today I saw one of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles! How exciting!

There it was, in broad daylight, going south on Manchaca Road just before lunch time. It was so cute! I read on Wikipedia that the current Wienermobile version has a Mini Cooper S chassis. Even better, because I like Minis and they are cute even when they are topped with a giant hot dog.

Usually I’m at work that time of day. So why was I there, on that road, at that time in order to be in the exactly right place to get see the Wienermobile?

Ready? Take a deep breath . . .

I had an old, large filling in my back tooth (#31, in case that matters to you) that finally chipped, so last month I had to get a crown. This was my second crown in two months, the first of these being on tooth #13. (Hmm, crowns on teeth 13 and 31. A coincidence? I think not.) I got the crowns only to discover that I wasn’t queen of anything. In fact, that makes four crowns that I have, so I’m Queen of Nothing, four times over. Then the tooth (#31) decided to be disagreeable and kill the nerve in protest of getting a crown that wasn’t good for anything except wearing and it was in a place where no one could see it. This was very, very painful. I tried to tough it out for a while, telling myself that it was just being “over sensitive.” Not a good idea, believe me. The dentist gave me two prescriptions to deal with the pain and the potential infection; I’m going to need a root canal. (Just what I need, another hole in my head.) I was on my way back to work after picking up the prescriptions when there it was: The Wienermobile!

Am I lucky or what?!

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