Austin Mini Cooper

Austin is getting its own Mini Cooper dealership, set to open in March 2010. The article I read estimated that there are about 3,000 Mini Coopers already in Austin. I personally know two people who own Minis; they love them. In August 2008, I drove one of my friends to San Antonio to pick hers up.

Her previous car had been dinged all over by a major hail storm and because of its age, the insurance company just totalled the car and took it away. She ordered her Mini off of the web site. It was made in England, shipped to the east coast and then to San Antonio.

Poor planning on our part, I told her. We should have travelled to England to pick it up. We could have driven it around Europe, then sailed back across The Pond on the same boat the car was on. (Ship, whatever.)

Wikipedia has a photo of the first Morris-Mini Minor sold in Texas in 1959, to a family in Arlington.

The Minis are so cute! But they don’t have room for Labradors. I do know someone who competes in agility who drives a Mini and he puts his dog crates in his car. But he has Border Terriers, not Labradors.

So when we got word of the future Austin dealership, my coworkers started talking about me getting one. No way, I said, Labrador-size crates won’t fit.

To buy a Mini, I’d have to get another breed of dog (smaller). And to get another breed of dog, I’d have to divorce my husband (Labradors or nothing, for him). So you see, the price of a Mini Cooper is way out of my range; I just can’t afford it.


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