Tarn’s Tail

Going to the bathroon isn’t so easy, you see
‘Cuz whenever I go, it’s never just me.
Yoda will come from corners afar
To push open the door and leave it ajar.

Next follows Rascal, making three a crowd
He weaves his way in, wispy as a cloud.
This I can handle since all is real quiet
But then arrives Tarn and so starts the riot.

She’s so glad to see me, she’s ever so sweet
I reach out to pet her while sitting on my seat.
And so it happens that she makes me jump
As she wags her tail hitting the door with a thump!

It’s back and forth ‘tween the door and the cabinet
They attract her tail like big giant magnets.
Whack! to the left and Whack! to the right
The sound reverberates out into the night.

The door is hollow and echoes within
With every tail beat it increases the din.
No dog can stand ever being left out
So Yoda and Rascal start thrashing about.

They’re all in a twitter to be petted by a sitter.

Up go their tails, to the left and the right
Now everyone’s noise is causing me fright.
It seems forever since I got up to go
I’m trying to be quiet but now it’s a show!

If only I could get Tarnie to sit
I’m sure everyone would settle a bit.
Then I could finish and go back to bed
And get rid of these echoes that flutter in my head.

I guess it’s too much for Tarnie to take
She goes out the door, giving her tail one last shake.
Now three of us left and I’m wanting to sleep
Finally Rascal and Yoda go off to their heap.

I’m free! I’m free! and get to get up
No thanks to the tails of three of my Lab pups.
In dreams I wonder, a plot I must hatch
To find a way to make the bathroom door latch!

(October 1998)


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