You talkin’ to me?

A news crew was set up outside the building where I work Tuesday morning as my walking partner and I left for our morning stroll. The crew was partially blocking one set of doors so we exited using the second set of doors.

They were still there when we returned. We went around them — again — and went back into the building through the second set of doors.

Once inside, my walking partner told me she noticed one of the crew members waving to us. Really? I didn’t see him at all.

Oops. We started thinking that he was waving so that we wouldn’t pass in back of the reporter. Maybe that’s our 3.5 seconds of fame, in the background of a news clip (assuming they don’t edit us out).

Really, it’s a good thing I didn’t notice the news crew member waving at us. I’d have probably mistaken it as a greeting, thinking what a nice man that was, waving at people he didn’t even know. Aren’t people just so much nicer during the holiday season?

I would have returned the favor by waving enthusiastically and yelling back “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”, maybe at the most critical moment of the filming.

We guessed that they chose that spot so they could get a good shot of the capitol dome in the background. Funny thing, the capitol sits on over four acres. There are plenty of places they could have set up to get the dome in the background without blocking access to a building where 2,000 people work. And come and go, using, yes, the front doors.

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