That was just the beginning

The Pod Husband season now starts when the advertisement for the Bass Pro Shop day-after-Thanksgiving sale comes in the mail. When my husband sorts through the mail and the flyer comes to rest in his hand, his eyes start to glow.

“Sweetie,” he calls to me in the other room, his voice wavering slightly, “want to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving?”

We can agree that this is not My Real Husband (MRH)?

No, indeed. My Pod Husband (MPH) has returned.

The Pod Husband season now covers Black Friday, Christmas Eve and the Day After Christmas. Resistance is futile.

On Black Friday, MPH is awake just after 4:00 a.m. to get dressed, feed the dogs and hit the road to northwest San Antonio, where the nearest Bass Pro Shop is, about 75 miles away.

He has several items in the Bass Pro Shop advertisement circled. He even lets me circle some items in the advertisement and he’ll buy them for me, so there is some benefit for me for having this Pod Husband. On Thanksgiving night, he moves the advertisement and the GPS into his truck, to make sure he doesn’t forget either of them on Friday morning.

He’s usually home from San Antonio by 9:00 a.m., when we pour over his purchases, a bit like kids on Christmas morning.

Oh, gotta go now. MPH is home and we’ll be leaving soon for Cabela’s. Got some items circled in that sales flyer, as well.


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