Not lost, but found

I found it! A favorite song, from my youth. I was about 10 and there was a diner just down the street from our house in El Paso. It had a jukebox and my brother and I got to play a few songs while waiting for the food to arrive. My mother always wanted to hear this song; it was a favorite of hers and I remember it fondly.

Cariño Nuevo by Sunny and the Sunliners.

Several years ago I started looking for it. I thought I’d never find it, it was so old. I didn’t even know when it was released. For all I knew, it was an “oldie” way back then.

Sunday, while at the grocery store in Kyle, Texas, I came up to one of the CD racks with Tejano music, near the checkout stands. I half-heartedly looked around, already resigned to not finding it.

I saw a CD by Sunny and the Sunliners. Oh! Oh! Tunnelvision now; I could only see the CD rack directly in front of me. Did the CD have the song? No, it didn’t. Oh. I put back that CD and looked some more, paying a lot more attention now.

Wait, there was another CD by Sunny and the Sunliners and it had the song! My song, my mother’s song! I could barely believe my eyes! Almost 45 years later and 600 miles away from the diner in El Paso and I found it. I bought it.

Cariño Nuevo sounds just as good to me now as it did then. (I had to wait until I was home to listen to it, as the CD player in my truck is broken; has been for years.)

Now I can find lots of information about Sunny and the Sunliners on the Internet, not like when I started looking for the song all those years ago. More on that later.

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