Goldilocks did not own a serger

No, Goldilocks did not own a serger, that’s for sure. You remember Goldilocks.

“No, not this one, it’s too big.”

“No, not this one, it’s too small.”

“Oh, yes, this one, it’s just right.”

Well, you can’t do that with a serger: go from Too Big to Too Small to Just Right.

A serger is a specialized sewing machine. It’s strong point is the 4-thread overlock stitch, mainly what you see in ready-to-wear clothes. The serger sews and finishes the seam at the same time. It also cuts the fabric right before it sews and finishes the seam. That’s the getting smaller part. Especially if you have to do something more than once. Smaller and smaller.

You can go from Too Big to Too Little. And you can go from Too Big to Just Right — if you’re lucky. But once you get to Too Small, it’s over.

Take an eyeglass case, for example. My friend Shelly made a couple on her serger; they looked really nice.

Looked simple enough, in the book. There were even pictures in the book, the same book Shelly has. The beginning and ending seemed doable; somehow I couldn’t quite get that very important middle part.

No matter how many times I put the outside fabric, inside fabric and batting together in various layered configurations, when it came time to turn it right side out, it didn’t work. The front fabric was hanging out all by itself. Or the lining fabric was an independent entity. Or the batting ended up as the outer fabric.

After my second attempt, I started cutting off the outside seam with scissors and starting over. That made it even smaller.

Now I have a very strange eyeglass case that’s about the width of a pencil holder. And I had better want to put only one pencil in it.


2 thoughts on “Goldilocks did not own a serger

  1. You should be able to lock the blade down and then it won’t cut off any more of the edge while you serge. And, believe it or not, ripping serger stitches isn’t quite so bad as it looks…once you figure out which threads are the needle threads, it’s surprisingly simple. I’d give it another try. 🙂 Good luck!

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