Quiet, please

I remember getting my library card renewed in 1966. It had an expiration date of 1969. I remember thinking, “1969? That will never get here.”

So much for the logic of an 11-year-old.

Libraries sure have changed since 1966. The library I’m at now has a self-checkout desk. You scan your own books/CDs/DVDs to check them out.

It has a coffee machine, where you can buy six types of coffee and three types of tea in individual packets. Guess the “No food or drink” policy is gone, too.

Usually this library is crawling with kids. Lots of happy, loud, running around kids. Sort of like a free-for-all daycare facility.

According to the sign, there is also a family-friendly restroom. (I haven’t gone in to see just how friendly it is.)

The parking spaces closest to the door are reserved for the handicapped and for hybrid vehicles. (This is Austin, after all.) Here’s a picture of an organic hybrid parked at one of the signs. An Organic Hybrid

Well, my time at the computer is up. I think I’ll go slurp some tea, quietly.


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