Snack Time

The Creedmoor Force Field finally opened up and let in some rain. We got just over 2 inches yesterday and early this morning it started raining again, gently.

It’s not enough to end the drought but I do believe it will be enough to close up the cracks in our Blackland Prairie clay. Under normal, non-drought circumstances, the cracks appear each summer and go away with each winter’s rain. Not so the last couple of years, as we’ve hardly had any rain any time of the year. The cracks stayed, multiplied and just opened wider.

Some of the cracks were deep enough that if I had dropped my keys into one, I knew I’d never see them again. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of sticking my hand into the ground where lots of Mother Nature’s creatures live, either.

The rain has brought about lots of changes in a short amount of time. With the 3 inches of rain that we got in one day in September, some of the Crepe Myrtles burst into bloom, much later than normal. The Bradford Pear tree even sneaked out a few flowers in the last week, almost as many as we saw in the spring when it usually blooms.

This morning there is standing water in parts of the yard. Haven’t seen that in a couple of years. That makes the fire ants abandon their colonies, hang on to each other and float on top of the water in little surfing death squads. We have to be careful when we walk though the water in the yard; don’t want them to latch onto us.

The frog and toad choir has come out of hiding and serenades me all night long. Oh, joy to the world.

Soon we’ll be able to see the crawfish mounds, as the crawfish pile the clay at the top of their burrow’s openings. Our dogs love crawfish. They wiggle and are crunchy. They are Riser’s absolute favorite snack.


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